The Best Way To Produce Free Electricity

I just read about HoJo Motor and i found this is very interesting. So i highly recommend this website for those looking for a way to reduce your electric bill every month. Here some reading for those who familiar with motor engineering. However if you not the person, simply go for this HoJo motor guide, it is an easy learning video for you.

Hojo Motor is a straightforward guide. Like former magnetic motors, Johnson’s motor utilizes a series of tactically placed magnets in the region of a rotor. Not like other magnetic motors, Johnson’s utilizes two sets of magnets.

The first arrangement of magnets is absorbed to the inside of a drum/cylinder twisted casing. A rotating drum is located inside the casing and this is in fact the rotor. Fixed firmly to this rotating drum are a different set of magnets called armature magnets. Electricity is produced via a belt that is associated to a conservative electricity generator. This magnetically created motion is then tied up together to constrain an alternator or even a generator to produce plentiful ecologically aware and renewable energy for your house. The whole procedure and plan is well described in Hojo Motor Guide with the help of pictures and graphics.


2 thoughts on “The Best Way To Produce Free Electricity

  1. I would like to obtain plans and specs for the HoJo magnet motor.I would not attempt to construct this motor without the knowhow of its ingenius inventor. I would also like to where to source the required parts, particularly the magnets Kind regards, Ben

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